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Social Media Services For Your Business

We believe social media marketing campaigns are most effective when brands listen to what their customers want, and deliver genuine, valuable content in return.  Ironically, it’s the brands which give the most that receive most in return.

By sharing links, increasing likes, gaining reviews and engaging with your potential customers online, Social Media increases the traffic being driven to your website & believe it or not improves SEO results.




Increase Your Winnipeg Social Media Presence

Now’s the time to take charge and participate in the conversation that’s already happening, maybe even without you. It’s no longer about speaking to the customer; it’s about speaking with the customer.

We can help you navigate the crowded social media waters whether you’re a novice or a veteran who wants to get more from your current outreach. Our Winnipeg social media services will enable you to determine where, what, why and how you should communicate in social media about your business.

Affordable Winnipeg Social Media Start Up & Management Plans

Our Winnipeg social media services offer plans to create, maintain, and monitor your online social media community.  If you are just starting out we help you to determine the main goals of your social media presence.

Are they to attract more customers? Boost recognition of your brand? Improve customer service?

We help to determine your target audience and its receptivity to various social media platforms.  Focusing on platforms your audience likely use most, we then setup custom business pages in the social media platforms appropriate to your industry that match your brand.


What Do You Want to Achieve with Social Media?

The most obvious goal of a social media strategy is to increase your company and brand presence and extend your reach. But there is much more you can achieve from your Winnipeg social media services. Here are a few examples:

Increase traffic to your website: By sharing links to your site’s content on your social media accounts, you’re giving users new channels to refer to your website. If you have specific product and landing pages in mind, make sure you’ve set up proper analytics tools and search streams to later track progress.

Offer extra customer service and create new lead generation channels: Many customers prefer to make queries and ask questions through social networks instead of sending an email or picking up the phone. Social media can offer you an opportunity to reach new people.


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Content Management


winnipeg web design - content management

We build custom WordPress & Joomla CMS sites & specialize in responsive WordPress web design in Winnipeg.

If you’ve been dreaming about managing your website yourself, but are intimidated by code, expensive software, and a steep learning curve, let us help!  With our content managed websites, you can do it – liberate your inner webmaster!

Take control of your website today! No more high fees to designers for simple changes.  No more waiting in the queue for your changes to get done. With our content managed websites, we make it easy for you to do it yourself!

Free Website Assessment


winnipeg web design - Free Website Assessment

Are you unsure if your website is performing to its best; or if it’s pulling in all the potential customers that search for your services? Are you getting your money’s worth for your online presence?

Find out now! We offer a FREE website review that will highlight key areas in which your site could be performing better for your business.